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Borgo Gradis’ciutta, new facility in Collio

Sunibe Diluca Gradiscutta San Floriano

Says Robert Princic, owner of the company, "Our goal is to enrich the offer of qualified hospitality in the Collio and be ready for 2025, the year when Gorica with Nova Gorica will be European Capital of Culture".

Robert Princic’s winery opens Borgo Gradis’ciutta, the new facility dedicated to hospitality that was born from the recovery and enhancement of a 16th-century palace, with the intention of enriching the offer of qualified hospitality in the Collio region.

A new facility in the Collio

The Borgo rises exactly in the heart of the company’s grounds precisely to offer visitors an immersive experience among vineyards, scents, flavors and the characteristic hospitality of the Princic family. “Ever since I was a child. – Robert Princic, owner of the Gradis’ciutta winery, tells – I used to tell myself that when I could afford it I would buy that mansion and restore it to its former glory. To see this dream realized and to finally be able to open the doors to visitors, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of Collio represents for me and my family a great excitement. Our goal is to enrich the offer of level hospitality in the Collio region with nine rooms and three apartments created from the restoration of a complex of buildings dating back to the 16th century, experiencing experiences related to the world of wine and savoring the slow rhythms of the countryside and nature.”

Robert Princic, Gradis'ciutta
Robert Princic, Gradis’ciutta

In this setting, visitors can fully enjoy the magical atmosphere of Collio, one of Italy’s most important wine territories, by immersing themselves in the vineyards of the Gradis’ciutta farm located in San Floriano del Collio which now has more than 40 hectares with a production of about 200,000 bottles a year. Vineyards here have always been tended under the banner of theattention to the ecosystem that surrounds the winery that have resulted over time inprestigious organic wines.

“This project comes at a crucial time for our area. Indeed, 2025 will be the year of Gorica, European Capital of Culture with Nova Gorica. Gorizia is the gateway to the East, and Collio is its wine-growing area, a place particularly suited to host delegations and visitors who will be able to discover a unique territory. New charming facilities are needed, and Borgo Gradis’ciutta will be one, thanks also to plans to build an outdoor swimming pool for the summer”.

Easter proposals and immersive experiences

For wine lovers and those who plan to spend the Easter away from home, the Borgo is promoting for the occasion two nights (for 2 people) with breakfast and a special tasting “one Ribolla for 4 espressosones.” In addition, to celebrate the day of Easter, the doors of Borgo Gradis’ciutta will be opened, and the following will be offered. tastings of local wines paired with local products. There will be a choice of Doc Collio varieties or labels made from grapes from nearby Brda.

Also in line with the philosophy are the experiences the facility offers to experience 100 percent immersion in nature. Within the walls of Borgo Gradis’ciutta, guests will be able to choose between. tastings of house wines, designed to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and interests, to opportunities to participate actively in the life in the vineyard, discovering its secrets also thanks to the didactic grape harvest. An exclusive experience allows you to create your own unique version of the “Collio Bianco“: in fact, guests will be able to try their hand at creating a personalized version of this wine, assisted by experts in the creative wine-making process, for an unforgettable memory of their stay.

Through the experience of “Nature bathing” guests can experience deep relaxation and psychophysical regeneration through direct contact with nature. The first appointment in this regard is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20 from 5 p.m. (meeting at Borgo Gradis’ciutta). It is a walk in the vineyard with nature education expert Giulia Terlicher e tasting of 3 wines on the way back with pairing with local cheeses.

The workshops of Borgo Gradis’ciutta

Ample space is then devoted to the workshops: at Borgo Gradis’ciutta, the passion for the “melting pot” of culinary cultures becomes the protagonist with the cooking workshops. Guests are invited to explore, under the guidance of experienced chefs, the wealth of local recipes, witnessing an incredible fusion of Italian, Austrian, Slavic and Mediterranean influences.

The Borgo’s offerings continue with the pottery workshops, a creative experience that reconnects with the earth while learning the art of pottery. Participants will be able to make unique objects with their own hands, exploring the beauty of art that comes from the simplest materials.

Through selected partnerships, Borgo Gradis’ciutta finally organizes explorations of the territory: from the hills of Collio, to the UNESCO heritages of Aquileia and Cividale, to the twin cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica. Whether riding a Vespa, e-bike, or through a guided tour, every experience is an opportunity to discover the wonders of this land.

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