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Geo-sensory tasting: France and Irpinia

Degustazione Geo sensoriale a Lapio

In the geo-sensory tasting, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a journey to appreciate the diversity and richness of wines from different wine worlds united by authenticity. We tried Clos Rougeard, Domaine Vacheron and Joaquin.

At the Filangieri Palace in Lapìo, among the evocative landscapes of Irpinia, where native vines stand as true ambassadors of the territory, the wines of
were pieces of a puzzle of millennia-old stories of vine cultivation and passionate work in the vineyards, for comparison with productions from beyond the Alps.

The Geo-Sensory Tasting Concept

Geo Sensory Tasting in Lapio, the wines
The term “geo sensory” refers to the approach that considers
wine as a direct expression of its terroir, or the set of environmental and human conditions that influence vine cultivation and wine production. This concept emphasizes the importance of soil, climate, topography and local winemaking practices in giving wine unique and inimitable characteristics. Tasting puts on the back burner the classic approach of wine evaluation that takes into account the visual and olfactory aspect, to privilege the palate.

Raffaele Pagano, flanked by Jacky Rigaux and Christian Roger, two top experts in geo-sensory tasting who disseminate with scientific expertise the ancient method born in France even before the Renaissance, wanted to emphasize on the occasion “the taste of place” by placing the utmost centrality to the concept of terroir, a fundamental value to distinguish itself from industrialized wines, enhancing a land like Lapìo, which shares with France the concept of parcelization. A moment of immersion in the different nuances of the terroir, aimed at understanding how the place of origin influences the character and quality of the wine.

Irpinia in the interpretation of Raffaele Pagano

Geo Sensory Tasting in Lapio, the audience
With this meeting of a scientific nature,
Raffaele Pagano highlighted the micro-areas of very high oenological vocation present in Irpinia and grape varieties capable of adapting to the soil and acting as catalysts of terroir characteristics. Each vintage represents an unprecedented and exclusive project that is not limited only to soil requirements, but embraces a broad spectrum of environmental, historical and anthropological elements that define a wine.

The geo-sensory tasting of the Joaquin’s Irpinian wines and the French wines Clos Rougeard and Domaine Vacheron was an opportunity to explore two distinct but complementary wine worlds, with wine productions of the highest caliber, expressed with elegant, tradition-rich, authentic, long-lived wines.





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