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Metropolitan vineyards in Campania

Antonella Amodio
Few people know that Naples is the second largest urban vineyard area in Europe. Of course, the Metropolitan City of Naples is large, extending beyond the municipal area, but metropolitan vineyards creep through the concrete and asphalt of the city,...
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Sicilian whites fly

Stefania Vinciguerra
Sicilian white wines are proving more and more popular with consumers, primarily Grillo, but Catarratto is no less in pleasantness and freshness. We offer CVA Canicattì's Grillo Fileno and Rapitalà's Catarratto Vigna Casalj. With 95,760 hectares of vines under cultivation,...
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Brolo dei Giusti, the high-end of Cantine di Verona

Sissi Baratella
Cantine di Verona's Brolo dei Giusti line all includes identity wines dedicated to the restaurant industry. Cantine di Verona is increasingly focused on projects dedicated to catering. Having consolidated the foundations, the union and coherence between different territories united under...
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Vietti’s extraordinary “battery”

Riccardo Viscardi
A tasting of the Piedmont-based winery Vietti's 15 upcoming wines demonstrated the absolute quality of the entire range. A beautiful Roman evening at Achilli in Parliament, featuring new vintages of products from Vietti. Vietti represents about 150 years of Langa...
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Whites from black grapes: 5 wines between Campania and Basilicata

Antonella Amodio
As unusual as it may seem, making a white wine from red grapes is neither strange nor difficult: just separate the must from the skins (where the coloring substances reside). We propose 5 labels from the South, between Campania and...